For all the happy little trees out there - Bob Ross "The Joy of Painting" is on Netflix!


So much has been happening lately in the happy little world of Bob Ross. We are now in our second year of being the official Bob Ross artisan shop and at the moment we are hard at work drawing and designing the latest mugs and happy little gifts for 2016. We promise to keep posting pictures of the process and the finished products as we go along.

Aside from our work, we wanted to spread the news that "The Joy of Painting" is now on Netflix and on Hulu! Finally! We knew that there were online petitions out there for this to happen and many people wanted to get the “The Joy of Painting” on Netflix so they could easily stream the show and learn how to paint happy little trees right from their TV, game consoles or computers. Well, it finally happened, so whether you are a long time fan or you just discovered the captivating experience of "The Joy of Painting", you can now officially enjoy painting alongside Bob Ross on Netflix and Hulu.

Here is a list of all places (with links) you can enjoy Bob Ross :

If you've ever wanted to take up oil painting but felt too intimidated, now it’s the time to get inspired and enjoy painting lessons with Bob Ross. "The Joy of Painting" will give you all the tools you need to get started and we will give you all the charming little treats to go along :)

Bob Ross Mugs

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