• Official Bob Ross gifts and merchandize soon to come!

    Our official Bob Ross gifts and merchandise is soon to come!

    Bob Ross was a captivating man who spoke calmly with the most soothing and hypnotizing voice. He is the host of the PBS show "The Joy of Painting,” he was a teacher and an artist who painted beautiful landscapes with oil paints using unique techniques with an amazingly contagious positive attitude.

    It was his unique communication style and positive outlook on life that inspired us to create a line of ‘little gifts” based on his words and image.

    We first started this project over a year ago and had many ups and downs, but soon we’ll be finally able to bring to life our official Bob Ross line of artisan gifts. This project has been a real miracle for us and it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the encouragement and help from Bob Ross Inc.

    We will update our news section soon with more information about our Bob Ross project and an inside look at the designing process of our little Bob Ross creations.

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