• Welcome to our new PeachyApricot Shop

    Welcome to our new PeachyApricot store!

    Most of our visitors know us as “that store on Etsy” and if you are a Twitter addict you may have heard of us from Retta (Parks and Rec) who tirelessly plugs us as @PeachyApricot on Etsy. And a percentage of you learned about us by following us on Instagram where we “waste” something like 50% of our time uploading pictures or browsing everyone else's.

    The bottom line is PeachyApricot’s name has been closely associated with selling things on Etsy... Until now.

    No, we are not leaving Etsy, but after more than 2 years we finally decided to build our own store and website as a nice addition or sort of complement to Etsy.

    Etsy is a wonderful shopping platform. It’s a great place to learn and get your own store running in an hour, no prior knowledge or online selling skills needed.

    It’s easy to navigate and it’s a prime income source to thousands if not millions of artists, designers and crafts enthusiasts all over the world.

    However, after 2 years running our store, we felt that the lack of control and the endless amount of rules upon us could dramatically stunt the growth of our business.

    Having our own website will allow us to have 100% control on all possible aspects of our store.

    We own our name, the business, the visual layout, the content and every design appearance of our products and images. The sky is the limit.

    We also wanted a level of professionalism added to our name and having our own website was the first step to a better marketing position in the online world.

    As most of you know, everything we offer on our Etsy store is handmade. We design, draw, print, cut, varnish and produce every little aspect of our products. It’s a huge time consuming process. Those of you who follow us on Instagram, know about all of our losses and struggles with making our products on day to day basis.

    However, making everything by hand can be limiting as well. We’ve been bombarded with customers ideas or requests for coasters, iPhone cases, t-shirts, prints, more mugs and paintings and the unfortunate reality is that there is only so much time and hand power in a day to do it all.

    So we decided to introduce a series of products, starting with the iPhone cases that are not handmade and will be available for sale only on our own website, therefore respecting Etsy’s number one rule - handmade products only!

    Yes, we are well aware that there are hundreds of stores that disregard that rule and remain undetected, but it doesn’t make it right and we wanted to do it the right way.

    Having our own platform and building it from scratch is going to take a lot of work, patience and dedication. But we have so much in store for everyone. We are a living, breathing machine of imagination and creativity and as with all artistic ideas we need an environment, free of rules and limitations.

    We do not plan to stop what we’ve started with Etsy. We are still going to make our handmade keychains and paintings and mugs, but we will complement it with our own website.

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